Page 79 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 who feel even the pangs (of love, as they call it), which in my opinion may more appropriately be interpreted as the pricking pain of a boil, though they might be a bit higher than the ordinary level of flattery. I call it as the pain of a boil because it is devoid of Divine remembrance. That means our bhakti or attachment to God is not as it ought to be. It is short of the mark. The only cure for such a pain can be a surgical operation which might throw out the poisonous element which, if neglected, might in course of time develop into a chronic ulcer beyond all possibility of cure. The toxic element is really the ungodly and anti-spiritual matter that has accumulated in our body by the effect of bad association and environment. That brings us to the conclusion that the means we adopt for worship or meditation should be such as may manifest true love in our hearts.
There are numerous ways for developing Divine love for which many bhavas (attitudes) are resorted to, such as that of father, mother, friend or master. But in my opinion the conception of God as Beloved is better and more convenient. If we think ourselves to be the lover and Him as the Beloved

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