Page 8 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 take into view the brighter portion and get profited by it. On the other hand those held up by the charms for material objects get themselves linked with the darker Paramanus and go on contacting the grosser effects thereof, which get solidified by the effect of their continued thinking. Thoughts create impressions which go on growing stronger, forming coverings. They offer a fertile ground for the Mayavic effect to settle in. The effect thus cast upon the particles of the body, being thereby focussed on the membrane, is reflected upon the centre of the brain. This leads to the formation of Sanskaras which having deepened make him easily susceptible, making his mind all the more rigidly adhere to environment and association which tend to support his evil tendencies. Thus he goes on from bad to worse. At this stage, it may only be the power of the Master that can save him and help in the transformation of his darkened inner state.
A true Master can be he and he alone, who possesses such wonderful power and can at a glance create a state of light in an aspirant, diverting his thought from darkness to light till his tendencies, which were previously directed towards darkness,

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