Page 81 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 to be the proper solution to the problems of life. They preached the same and, painting it in bright colours, they offered it to the people inducing them to accept and follow them. Not a streak of light could however be traced in any of them. The sense of morality got deteriorated to the extent that discrimination between right and wrong was almost lost. Prejudice became predominant so much that picking up bitter quarrels or indulging in riotous incidents on that account is treated as a pious act, instances of which are abundant everywhere. There are some who advocated the idea of a personal God, others that of a formless God, still others that of saguna or nirguna (with or without attributes). There are heated discussions resulting in bitterness which create feelings of hatred against each other and produce causes for dissension. The supporters of both saguna and nirguna concepts, though they vie so much with each other, are, in my opinion, equally in the wrong and neither of them has thereby been able to achieve the ideal. They are really the two paths with the same (common) object, viz. Realisation. The only difference between them is that for those who proceed by the former (saguna)
and remain fixed to it, Infinity ever remains out of

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