Page 85 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 that as we go higher and higher the force of Nature becomes subtler and subtler; and the subtler the force, the more powerful it is. Hence the ascent by selfeffort becomes very difficult. At this stage the help and support of a worthy guide, who might push the abhyasi up by his own force, is absolutely essential. But still in my view in spite of being pushed up by the Master's force, the risk of slipping down again does persist, unless the Master's power is applied to support his stay there. Having given one of my associates a lift beyond the fourth stage of Brahmanda Mandal, I once made a practical examination of things by entering into the condition myself and I found out that it required a period of a thousand years to go up to the next stage by one's selfeffort, and for further movement, five thousand! Since the spiritual stages are innumerable, the time required to traverse them is also incalculable. It is the power of Pranahuti alone that can curtail this duration and enable the course of thousands of years to be covered within the span of one life. But the final aim too must remain in sight all through to ensure final success.

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