Page 95 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 also been advised by Patanjali. The basic principle of this process has already been discussed in the ‘Efficacy of Raj Yoga', which I do not mean to repeat here again. The process greatly helps us in throwing out the grossness of our being and in assuming a state of highest subtleness. We know that God is completely devoid of grossness, so the realisation of God must mean the attainment of a state of similar subtleness to the last possible degree. This is what we aim at in Natural Path . The system helps an abhyasi free himself from grossness that has settled round him in the form of coverings.
The technique though quite simple, is often beyond common grasp, since it adheres closely to the absolute Reality and proceeds along subtlest lines. It prescribes meditation on the heart, supposing the presence of Divine Light there. But the abhyasi is directed not to try to see the light in any form or shape. If he does so the light, if perchance it appears to his view, will not be the real one but a projection of his mind. An abhyasi is, however, advised to take it in the form of mere supposition. In that case it will be the subtlest, and we shall thereby be meditating upon the subtlest.

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