Page 98 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 taste of the condition of peace. Let us now taste the former for a spark of which one might be ready to forego a thousand states of peace and calmness. This is in fact the foundation of the entire structure which brings forth rare personalities into the world. The actual state of the real peace is beyond comprehension. It admits of no contradictions. It is literally neither peace nor restlessness, neither union nor separation, neither bliss nor its opposite. It is after all that for which we had developed pain. May you all have a taste of the pain. It is not, however, difficult to cultivate. A firm will and an undivided attention towards it are all that are required for the purpose. Then what you seek for will be found quite close to you. Nay! You might yourself be that which you seek for. For that, there must be a burning heart, which might burn down the weeds and bushes on the path.

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