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Message at Mysore in December 1965
There are many amongst us who eagerly hanker after realisation and freedom, and they feel it to be their duty. But when we talk of duty we find ourselves enclosed within a sort of limitation. What is that limitation? It is only a narrower sphere of thought and wisdom. As for our present level it is that of finiteness which we cannot get away from, and from which we proceed on to broader visions; I mean the vision of the Absolute Reality. But that depends mainly on the means and methods we apply for the purpose. If perchance we fall upon means which go on adding to our limitations and bondages, we shall definitely remain away from the vision of Reality — the Absolute. There may be methods to suit the temperament of particular individuals, but which may basically be wrong, or in other ways inefficient, and may serve as a toy for a child to play with, only to offer him a temporary lull, but which may lead him further to temptations for more and more enjoyment of pleasures and happiness. That may perhaps be the charm to induce him further on the path of happiness. But so

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