Page 146 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 146

difficult to attain as due preparation is not there. The main problem first to be sorted out is what is it we are craving for? If our craving is for any other than the divine it is not the soul that is seeking it but the various sense or motor organs along with the images that we have cultivated over a period of time forming what is generally called as samskaras or what Master calls our individual network. Even if we feel the inner urge of the soul for realisation the ego awareness which is invariably found in any type of conscious state, stands in the path and tries to give different alternatives to seek for. Proper preparation thus is necessary by way of sadhana as prescribed.
Master stated that ―To impart spirituality really takes no time for a guide of high calibre like my Master. The time is mostly spent in effecting the making of the abhyasi.‖ (SS-131). Further he stated ―The difficulty arises when we link it with our own will or action, thinking it to be the result of our own efforts. We rejoice at success and feel aggrieved at failure merely for that reason.‖ ―This is the only thing which serves to keep us in bondage. The absence of

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