Page 148 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 148

individually and many of them are removed through the purificatory process.
i. to be proud of one‘s spiritual state
ii. to show off
iii. arrogance
iv. envy
v. miserliness
vi. to be vengeful
vii. faithlessness
viii. to distort religion and tradition
ix. to deny the giver of gifts or to belittle the gifts
x. to be dissatisfied and complain about one‘s
xi. to cease to have hope for Masters Mercy
xii. to be sure of Masters punishment
xiii. to condone tyranny and help tyrants
xiv. to speak against decent people
xv. to keep the heart attached to this world
xvi. to keep wanting to be a leader
xvii. to expect approval and compliments
xviii. to fear criticism
xix. Not to be able to prevent oneself from wanting
xx. Instead of wishing to learn the truth, being an imitator

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