Page 150 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 150

xli. xlii. xliii. xliv.
xlv. xlvi.
To be a hypocrite To cheat
To be brutish
To be dishonorable in relations with women
To be lustful
Not to accept one‘s error and continue
insisting on it
xlvii. To be afraid of poverty
xlviii. Not to believe in destiny or to talk
xlix. l.
li. lii.
liii. liv. lv. lvi. lvii. lviii. lix.
about destiny
To make oneself depressed
To take pleasure in belittling others
To be indiscriminately happy
To be insincerely kind and fawning over
rich people
To be disdainful of the poor
To boast and be proud of one‘s past To show off one‘s physical prowess To belittle others
To like to talk long unnecessarily
To be self centered in conversation To forget about one‘s own shortcomings be preoccupied with the shortcomings of
and others

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