Page 166 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 166

time we see the peerless pearls! Poetically it was stated they have seen the Black Pearl!
The demolition of samskaras is no mean task and we need to be consciously striving for the same all the while realizing the essential and irrevocable connection with the Divine we have. Then a meaningful plan of life emerges that is challenging and also exhausting. We can change our life and make it happy. We already stated that this is accomplished with the use of basic Universal Laws. One must have a pattern for one‘s life, a map guiding us, giving us direction, indicating what we must accomplish. Such a map leads us along the path to fulfill our destiny. We must understand also that we are but energy created in the image of God. It is His energy that He has given to us that makes us the individuals we are.
We have to believe completely the system advocated by the Master and practice the same with the unflinching faith and trust in the Master. Comparing his system with the supposedly similar concepts is only playing into the hands of cunning

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