Page 182 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 182

that he knows ―when my Lord remembers me.‖ This may surprise some but if we remember Masters‘ assurance in several places that when we remember Him the remembered cannot be far away things are not difficult to understand. This is what I understood of His assurance ―Remember Me. I will remember you.‖
We have taken note of the important and blessed nature of the remembrance of Master. By the same token, one‘s neglect of it is fatal, bringing disgrace upon oneself. Those who forget Master naturally do not draw His attention. Then they wander in the web of their self creation. One‘s disregard for Master culminates in the ruin of the self. It is worthy to note that everything in the Nature/universe is preoccupied with remembering and glorifying Master. As one is engaged in remembering, praising and glorifying Master, one becomes at one with the entire universe or Nature and then the gate for all goodness and success is opened and one lives in tune with the Nature as commanded by the Master.

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