Page 204 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 204

feel are under our care. Faith in the Master and faith in ourselves should meet this problem and yet we are afraid of every possible situation in life. Fear or anger or in other words fight or flight is our basic patterns of behaviour. It may be not wrong if I say that fear is basic motivation for most of the actions of the common man. Fear is encountered every step of the way. Small fear, big fear, real fear, imagined fear - every type of fear. In reality, all fear is unreal since fear is not our true nature. Yet we are too ingrained in our culture of living in fear. We try to soothe our fear by doing, achieving and searching externally - basically trying to keep our mind busy and distracted from confronting fear and in the process we find temporary relief. We then wrongly conclude that doing and achieving can eliminate our fear. In reality, they only distract us from our fear. When all is achieved and done, our fear remains and the anticipated reward for all actions namely Peace is anything but a mirage. But doing and achieving have become a habit for us; a pattern of behaviour that we believe can remove our fear and bring us peace.

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