Page 266 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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Vedanta, religion or spirituality. It is such a world that needs to be changed into a paradise.
Master in his message ―Spiritual way of Life‖ stated that the ―The world today, is in a state of unrest and disorder. Everybody seems to be crying for peace. But all efforts for bringing about peace appear to end in failure. The reason is that all efforts are merely external, touching only the outer surface. In fact the problem is far from being related to the world in general; really it is the problem of the individual first and of society afterwards. As such it needs to be tackled in that order. World peace is closely related with the peace of the individual for which one has to take into account the inner state of one‘s mind. If man‘s mind is brought to the state of peace and order, everything in the outside world will get into order in the same colour. But it is sad that the world has lost its real basis, and for its reestablishment, it is necessary to adopt means which may promote the feeling of peace and calmness of mind of the individual man. What we have to do for the purpose is to introduce proper

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