Page 264 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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There is a small story which I would like to talk about in this context. Once there was a philosopher fish. As he was sitting in great misery and worry, another fish passed his way, stopped and said, "Philosopher why are you in such misery?" The philosopher fish said, "Wherever I go every body is talking about the ocean. I want to find this ocean. I went east, west, north, south, and I can not find this ocean." See, for the philosopher fish, belief in the ocean is not enough - he wants to experience it for himself. Now the problem is, he is also part of the ocean. He is unable to perceive the ocean because he has no adequate tool of perception. This is also true of us if we do not have a true and perfect path to the Divine. It is His Grace that has provided us the Path of Grace.
We had on earlier occasion talked about the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. Dr. Kesava Reddy took trouble to explain to us during the last Basanth celebrations (2005), and explained how David Hawkins demonstrates that people of higher frequencies of consciousness support people on this

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