Page 262 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 262

bound to it. For, where experience is absent, whatever we believe in is of no significance. Divine emotions do spring within us when we talk about God and fear arises whenever there is a talk of devil. That is the nature of mind.
The mind is a fluid, we can make anything out of it. How it is shaped simply depends on how it is influenced. If we look deeply, what we call our mind is really something we have borrowed from thousands of people around us. We have accumulated this mind in bits and pieces. Our mind is just our background - depending on the kind of family we come from, our education and religion, the country or society we belong to and the world we are living in. Master in his message titled ―Problem and its Solution‖ provides a lucid exposition of this concept. I request the participants in the seminar to study this article when their time permits.
The mind is necessary to survive in this world, but it will not take us to the Truth. This can only be done by knowing experientially, not intellectually. Whatever we know intellectually is not knowing in

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