Page 260 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 260

that speak to an evolution of the inner spiritual self. How much better would we feel if we took our best self to work and to play each day by living the values that we hold near and dear? How much more efficient and effective would our organization be if we could take the Masters statements into play in real life and real time? These are questions that I would like every earnest seeker in the path of the Master to answer for himself and display such an answer in the way in which they live. It needs no emphasis that this is the way to mould our lives to arouse love and devotion amongst our brethren.
Master said that ―I want capable men and women to help in the task ahead. No doubt the world will be paradise but for that we have to work very hard. What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity. I never felt disappointed and worked single handed and the result is before us all. I have full confidence in myself with the Masters‘ hand at my back; and it has always worked. The same thing I want from all of you.‖ It takes enormous courage for a person to look beyond the conditioning

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