Page 258 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 258

helped us live better lives, build better relationships, or build better businesses. The average top management personnel can stay safe for not more than a few years. Even those who are considered successful and prosperous suffer from the physical or emotional ravages of stress during that period of the illusory prosperity. This prosperity surely has not led us to any paradise.
After our survival needs have been met, it is now agreed by all, that success cannot be realized by the simple financial bottom line but it has to be a derivative of the aspirations, purposes, passions and potentials we express in our personal lives. It is hoped then the paradise will descend on this earth. This demands considerable effort and enormous sweat.
The fundamental basis for humansuccess after our basic survival needs have been met is the basic human desire to validate our existence not by what we get, but rather by what we can give. Our greatest pain does not come from what we cannot have, but rather from the invalidation that we feel

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