Page 256 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 256

and react appropriately and in a balanced manner. The process of self-discipline, of delaying gratification, of accepting responsibility of problem solving, of dedication to truth and reality, and the balance of emotions using self-discipline, which are the tools for living the life where we can say  ̳we are and at the same time we are not‘ ensures our steady spiritual growth towards Infinity or otherwise and preferably called Insignificance. When we are mute to the  ̳word‘ and alive to the  ̳spirit‘ we are and we are not. It is then the statement of the Master  ̳Therefore, the true conscience of the people has taken its turn to make it run outside also. And they are compelled to do so as good times are ahead.‘ will come true and it is then we will see the THING behind the things. I pray that all of us are firmly attached to the Master through every breath of us thus ensuring divinisation of Man soon.

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