Page 254 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 254

1. The state of infancy, in which no external demands need be responded to
2. The fantasy of omnipotence
3. The desire of total possession of our parents
4. The dependency of childhood
5. The distorted images we have of our parents
6. The freedom of uncommitment
7. The agility of youth
8. The fantasy of immortality
9. Authority over one‘s children
10. Various forms of temporal power and
11. The independence of physical health; and ultimately, life itself.
Our spiritual yearning can be taken as an involved attempt to have personal and intimate relationship with the Master. The living dead are living in, for and by the Master while refusing to get attached to anything that is mundane. This is a type of wooing. It has all the qualities of an addictive

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