Page 252 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 252

problem at hand. To be living dead is not any gift from above; it is a state in which the aspirant abides by option and thorough self discipline. We should know our responsibility in any problem. We all know that Life is problem solving. To the extent that we are successful at this problem solving we are also successful in official, business and personal relationships. The extent that we are skilled at problem solving also determines our mental, physical and spiritual health.
We must be dedicated to truth. And we must welcome discomfort as we proceed to live a life of living dead. We have noted earlier it is not any static state. This is a state in which as our Master states‖ ... the atoms of the body begin to convert themselves into energy and then energy into its absolute.‖ We must be willing to self-examine our thinking and contemplate over our true condition and accordingly interact with others. Constant self- examination is painful. A life dedicated to truth is a life of challenge. And challenge can be painful. Our goal as humans is transformation and reformation.

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