Page 253 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 253

WE ARE and WE are NOT as also WE are NOT and WE ARE
On such examination we find new ways to interact with others, new routes to joy. But the road is not an easy one. But the new road is easier than the many dead-end roads of our ancient traditions.
In order to lead the life of a living dead we need to be balanced in every walk of life. Balance is the tool that allows us flexibility in living. Balance is acting and reacting appropriately to life situations. Anger, for example is bred into us, and allows us to be alert to dangerous situations. However, our mind allows us the capability of choosing ways to express our anger in an appropriate way, or of deciding that there is no danger. This is how we use the self- discipline tool for balance. We choose an appropriate way of reacting to our emotions.
Most importantly to lead a life of living dead we have to grow to our full potential. In order to grow to full potential there are certain things that we must give up and accept. These are the conditions, states, desires and fantasies we must learn to give up in order to grow and transform. We must give up

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