Page 255 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 255

WE ARE and WE are NOT as also WE are NOT and WE ARE
element. Addictions arise upon the appearance of adrenaline. Whatever gives us a sense of a higher feeling, emotionally or physically, can lead to compulsion in the direction of the event or things that is associated with that emotion or physical event.
Such wooing of the Divine which is otherwise called as constant remembrance is a condition where we are paying attention at all times to the object of our yearning. We do feel an oneness with the Master. And yet we do not feel because we insist that we must necessarily possess the object of our yearning. On the contrary in true wooing there is true yearning or living in the Master for Master and by the Master and that is the condition where we are accepted. This is a plane of non-questioning and contentment. This is religious passion - a passion for God and worship. In the condition of living dead we transform this passion into a life-giving direction.
By living to the awareness of our petty self as
nothing but a serf to the divine and dedicating such
a self to the service of others we know how to act

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