Page 274 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 274

that can help us lead to a life of balance. I have personally found these to be useful.
First and foremost we must identify not more than four priority items in our life which are critical for living in a balanced manner. It may be spirituality, career development, family harmony, health, healthy relationships with all etc., Often we have expectations of ourselves that are unreasonable given the amount of time we actually have to devote to something. If, for example, we are giving only 2 hours a day for spiritual life (I am not talking about the time spent in regular sadhana) we naturally cannot expect to achieve anything significant or great. But if kids and family are a top priority to us, giving only 2 hours a day to spirituality is probably the most we could give.
We need to write things down. The best of the brains cannot be trusted to be a good day planner. Trusting brains in this regard increases stress. It would be wise to have plans for all the priority areas and evaluate the same once in a month so that adjustments can be made according to the needs.

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