Page 276 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 276

by saying that I could do this the moment I thought about this way of doing things. It took literally ages of psychological time. It meant considerable self- control and my wife was a great asset in bringing to attention what was happening at the moment. There were many times outbursts and shouts within and without and I understood that I was being tested about my priorities. But all that brought me rewards and awards from the Master.
I had to be patient with myself putting up with my lapses. It was a different matter when my beloved father and revered Master were there to seek consultation from them in critical and sensitive matters. Because I was entrusted with the task of training others in spiritual life, I learnt first and foremost that Master has loved me by giving such permission. I realised that I had nothing else to seek for. I started to love life that was gifted to me by the Divine and in such a process started loving all. I may add that balanced living is an ongoing process and we have to face tough situations where our skills of balancing will be tested severely. The sheet anchor I

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