Page 43 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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Some thoughts on Samadarsi as a practice in yoga
Dear fellow travelers on the path, Pranams.
We have understood through our sadhana that we have a unique relationship with the great Lord Sri Krishna. The relationship we have with Him as the guide and head of our Institution through our beloved Master I have tried to detail on earlier occasions.
Many aspects of the Gita were discussed earlier; and I think there is no harm done by recalling them in brief during this auspicious occasion. Though it is stressed by the Lord that the lower nature of ours has to be brought under control by the higher nature (in the verse Bandhuratma atmanastasya ye natmana atmana jitah), as to exactly what is the way and what role Pranahuti does in this was explained only by our Master in the
 Talk delivered on Sri Krishna Ashtami on 27th Aug. 2005. 32

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