Page 44 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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book Efficacy of Rajayoga through a diagrammatic presentation of the subject. The traditional approach to consider the two natures of Atman as that of Atman and Brahman though to a certain extent is acceptable, the juxtaposition of the Atman and Brahman as separate is something that is not true for yogi. I have tried many times to explain that Atman which is thinking and moving in nature when transforms itself into the nature of thinking and growing gains the name Brahman. Our grand Masters clarification to this effect makes us understand the scripture.
Another aspect which we find our Master accepting totally is the concept of nishkama karma. However by bringing in the concept of trusteeship and blending to apply to all our daily transactions he has made it easier for us follow the path.
A very important concept that highly emotive in nature is the statement of the Lord that there is need to remember the Lord at the time of death and that is stated as a sure means of liberation. This statement of the Lord bothered some of the great

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