Page 46 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 46

To remove the possibility of such
misconception Lord Krishna used expression here - Sama buddhi. This same- mindedness is an entirely inner state that is very difficult to bring down to the level of exhibitionism. The yogi is aware of his unruffled state of mind when he meets any of the people listed in the verse above.
The yogi knows the difference between a newspaper and a currency note, but the sight of the currency note does not produce in him the excitement that it does in a worldly man. The only sign by which we shall know how he feels is the total absence of greed he exhibits and his unwillingness to hoard wealth.
The yogi has trained his buddhi or intelligence to be aware of the indwelling presence in all. But as long as he lives in the physical body, in this material world, he has a double-consciousness: he sees the gold and the clod of earth, but is aware that they both are part of God's nature. His intelligence is aware of God's omnipresence, though the mind and

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