Page 47 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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senses still receive the varied impressions in the world. His actions and reactions are strictly in accordance with God's will, unconditioned by personal likes and dislikes, love or hatred. He is naturally not attached to anything.
Sufferings are there to stay whatever may be the advances in medicine and science. It is the way we respond to the situations that cause suffering that needs to be understood. There are some ways of looking at things and let us examine them briefly.
Bahirdrishti: There is an apparent external way of perceiving suffering which may be called
Bahirdrishti: The subject of Suffering is of universal interest. It is so because suffering is universal. Nobody seems to be exempt. The poor suffer from poverty, the rich because of their riches; some nations suffer from dependence, others from independence. There is no adequate food, clothing or shelter; no suitable education, medical attention or employment. Floods and earthquakes, famines and plagues, strikes and lockouts, are not altogether infrequent. Generally speaking, in high circles as 36

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