Page 49 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 49

Antardrishti: There is an internal way of looking at things. Sufferings not denied we make an effort to put pieces of suffering as if they were blocks in a puzzle and try to visualize the whole picture and also see what part we have played in precipitating this suffering. For my part, it is a question of directing the vision. If I always look at beings and things external, I seem to see a lot of suffering. On the other hand, if I turn my vision inwards, towards the Divine or the Master in the heart as a Justice personified, I behold nothing but peace. And when I have made a practice of this, I see happiness everywhere-not within alone but also without. The question of suffering does get suspended and slowly resolved in a natural way.
Premadrishti: The same result can also be achieved by constantly remembering the Lord, relying on Him and surrendering oneself to Him. He is ever so sweet and kind. He ever guards His devotee. He never neglects him. Whatever His dispensation, it is undoubtedly for the devotee's good. This form of faith turns poison into nectar, suffering into bliss. The glorious Sita of Ramayana said: "The presence of my Lord is heaven for me, His absence the Hell of 38

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