Page 84 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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Patanjali Yoga. But in any Yoga where God is not in the picture the pinnacle experience can only be Aham Brahmasmi. In such an experience the question of surrender is not possible. Lord Krishna was emphatic in stating that without the surrender to God no real progress in the path of realisation which leads to active participation in the divine plan is possible. We should remember the purpose of Lord Krishna in delivering the Gita is to motivate Arjuna to fight the battle for the sake of righteousness. It was not surely to make him a saint. If one has to act and not get tainted by the action there is only way of doing it namely dedicating the entire actions to the divine for the divine purpose and according to divine will. This state of consciousness is possible only through surrender and not the methods of Ashtanga Yoga or other yogas bereft of bhakti and surrender. Thus the Lord was presenting Himself in the first and second person aspects of God.
Master even while giving the prayer for all occasions starts with the words ―Thou art‖ and thus makes it clear that we should start with the state of

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