Page 86 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 86

was quite against my philosophic inclination. Having failed with the positive concept it is time to experiment with this - Is it likely to be true?‖ The Zero has to be understood as the Beginning or Origin of all possibilities being nothing of what it becomes.
The concept of Invertendo shows how the deformation of evolution is natural and the power inherent in Zero (Nirguna). I began understanding the meaning of Vivarta. All flow necessitates the inversion and it is natural. The formations of the descent are clearly on this principle of inversions. The vast Brahman extends up to our knowledge of it. Thus Truth, Consciousness and Bliss themselves are attributes which get transcended in higher approaches. Satchitananda are not the Ultimate Reality, they too being terms of knowing - Sankara too gets transcended.
The individual is continuous with the Universal and the Ultimate, and is not abolished. The Pralaya or mergence is cosmic and supracosmic and then all are withdrawn into the

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