Page 101 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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problem with the lower mind, we bring in friction. And why are you trying to fight with the lower mind? So that the higher values may be maintained! It is a ridiculous way. You want somebody to be in the higher plane and in order to make him come to that condition, you have got a big stick. Every parent has done it, every teacher has done it, every businessman has done it, and that is the way in which we are going, and we have got all sorts of theories of carrot and rod. There is no end to such philosophies.
We have got to bring in the supra rational. We have got to bring in the Pranahuti every time we face such problems, because we require that succor, we require that support. Think about the Master, most of your problems are solved, because that moment you think about Him, there is an influx of Pranahuti that comes to you. This applies to all people who are introduced; it does apply to all, because sufficient bore should have been there. Somebody used this word, bore - master CVV is one of the persons who used this word 'bore'. You have got to have a bore so that influx goes in. We don't use that word, but it is not wrong to use that word. We should be prepared to receive that influx and that is what is being done through introduction. Whether

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