Page 170 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 170

at the time of the Advent and perhaps even today has been reduced to a theatrical operational method – so much so it has become the bye-word for self- hypnotisms or megalomaniacal behaviour. All sorts of supra normal miraculous things are claimed for it. This has been rather unfortunate.
A way of union with the Ultimate Reality discarding all these paraphernalia or miracle- mongering or claims will have better chance of bringing about a change of real attitudes or of consciousness itself. This is precisely what the new method of Rajayoga of our Grand Master Sri Ramchandraji of Fategarh has done. The process is scientific, verifiable, easy and simple. It is the special method by which the divine consciousness or ultimate thought force is transmitted into the heart of the seeker after union, that produces the illumination of both the here and the hereafter. This is transmission of the supreme or ultimate consciousness which is presumed to be the primal cause. This transcendental thought-force called Prana or life itself is capable of bringing about the proper moulding of the lower nature in terms of its own nature which is the highest and thus confers on the human organism, inclusive of the senses and the mind a peace and calm. The goal is not just a kind of

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