Page 179 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 179

fulfillment, for awakening which we understand is the only way to gain peace. Simultaneously, the paradigm war of "love vs. fear" is being fought in people's minds and hearts with a greater intensity than ever before in our civilization's history. It appears that humanity needs massive amounts of love and divine wisdom to be poured into human hearts so that the message of the Master spreads throughout the world. Master used also to say that the capacity of the vessel (heart) has to be increased. Having Him in our hearts we cannot afford to waste time more and it is now for each of us to increase our spiritual bandwidth, if I am permitted to borrow this term and the size of our spiritual containers. This is a promise we have to keep with the Master. No aspirant is less endowed to do this onerous work and everyone is called upon by the Master to offer the Universal Prayer at 9 P.M.
Those who do not practice PAM and yet are pious and devoted and meditate in their own manner also do lot of good to the world. The law of attraction applies there too and spiritual good is surely enhancing by their efforts too. But our efforts are directed not only for the good of our self but for the good of our family and our spiritual brothers and sisters, and this is further aided by the help we get

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