Page 182 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 182

emotional states. The more we listen the more we are soothed on all the levels of our being. The whisper of the Master transforms us into the incandescent lover of the Master and this for all of our lives.
This enables us to live even as any ordinary person. But then we find all the people are well organized and harmonious and move about doing their jobs with joy. I surely do not want to fool all of you saying we would be then having the same imperience as we have during meditations. That environment is the sanctum of Master and this world of mundane life cannot be confused with that: for this is only the periphery of the temple. Still there is the lingering presence of the Master everywhere and in every activity. There are many activities and things out here which do not smell sweet and the fragrance felt inside is missing. Even so with the voice of the Master that is ever present, no matter what the outer circumstances and conditions of life living in the atmosphere of Master is like living in a garden. That is real life that a real man should lead. Master asserted that” My object of life is that not only everyone of you present here but all the humanity should become the Real life personified i.e., life in life as I often say. Many of you have not yet fully

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