Page 187 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 187

brothers and sisters, father, uncles and aunts and host of other relatives in our family and neighbourhood is what we remotely remember. Not because they were not genuine but we have become self centred and started to love ourselves more and others who we thought are more kind to us. Sometime in the early days fear of punishment got somehow ingrained mostly from father and what we are told of God. Wrath of God, and of elders’ contra to what we enjoy as Love from those sources I feel is based on a totally misguided agenda.
I seek your pardon if in this paper I refer to my own story of anguish and ecstasy. Ever since the consciousness of Lord Krishna and other avatars got infused into me, as is wont in our tradition, I felt they are Love incarnate and are essentially trustworthy and lovable. When I started learning even though it is elementary from the school books the systems of philosophy like Buddhism, Jainism and the three great acharyas of South India I could validate myself as an individual spark of the universal consciousness which is one organic unity. Later on I found that it is an easy transition to the understanding that Reality is Love.
However hard facts of life, which are based on competitiveness and conflict made me, look into

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