Page 194 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 194

oneness with what Is. To love is to live in the present ignoring the past and not dreaming about the future. In any situation we have to be mindful of the intimacy we have with the Master and should refrain from reacting emotionally. Most of the time emotion kills reason. We have to pull our attention trapped in the past and the future and get grounded and centered in our function of Love of the Master. We should respond, from love and not from fear. We should learn to communicate with the Master and we should remember that communication is the solvent of problems. When in doubt or anxious, or when we feel stranded we need to communicate with Master in absolute faith and confidence.
Though truly speaking there is nothing but Love as the core reality in all conceivable situations we cannot ignore the fact of painful experiences in our lives. The most empowering thing we can do in our lives is to connect with the Master or one who is connected to the Master in a true sense. Master always complements us perfectly, in a truly connected loving experience -spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. In such a situation we become more than twice the person we are. Life is then more than worthwhile. We know instinctively that this state of being is a possibility for everyone in this world.

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