Page 208 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 208

expectations of some image? Why waste energy trying to uphold such an image? Why not be exactly who we are, so as to let our true inner self shine in its original and pure lustre?
In contrast to spiritual arrogance, humility is the trait of a real man. I have not come across a better example of humility than our beloved Master Babuji Maharaj. It should be clear to us that attuning with Master or God is not a competitive sport. There is no need to live up to exaggerated claims or false images, which are thrust on any one who tolerates as if invariably promotes sycophancy. A perfect and pure personality recognizes that he/she is a part of the ONE. Purity lies in being a student for ever learning every second contemplating on the amazing oneness of existence. Pure ones see themselves as students, helping those that might not be as far along in their studies, just as their masters have helped them in their sadhana. The pure being recognizes even the "spiritually arrogant" as merely passing through a phase. True humility involves the willingness and open-mindedness to accept help and insight from all sources and move on the path with conviction and faith in the Just One. Needless to add that this attitude of eternal learning from all

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