Page 210 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 210

My dear fellow travelers in the Path,
The showers of divine grace imperienced makes us mute and we should with wisdom maintain the silence and keep our communion with the Lord. When I try to contemplate on the condition of intimacy with the divine so kindly blessed to us this day the thought of Purity overwhelms me. Purity in the beginning, purity in the middle and purity in the end if there is an end is all that I can describe. Our Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj has graphically described our normal condition as being one in a spider’s web. Our problem is how to come out of this web. Master has suggested some methods for purifying ourselves and be rid of the mesh into which we got wired. As a rule we think that we are walking, talking, sitting or interacting with others. But the fact is that we are always in the web physically and the prana sarira alone provides all the power that we need for such a supposed existence. It is to be clearly understood that our thoughts and ideas are not our real self and the reality is that we are submerged in the mesh unable to wriggle out.
The creation of God has purity of intention and purity of expression as its warp and woof. But human creation has self centered intention and self

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