Page 211 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 211

centered expression as its two coordinates. We think that the mesh or the web is the reality; the moment we realise this we have means to get out of the web and we understand our true nature. Our individual creation then starts getting destroyed and we start living in the creation of God and our intentions and expressions become purer and simpler by the day. When develop perfect purity in our intentions and expressions we are said to be enlightened.
The web into which we got entangled it is obvious covers a wide range of planes from the Annamaya kosa to Anandamaya kosa. Within this web are the countless thoughts and emotions based on lack of security and fear which we are conditioned to accept as limitations that are formidable. Our entire period of schooling taught us that we have very little power. Even that little power that we become aware of, we are advised to delegate to such persons and institutions who somehow claim to know more about us than we do! In short we are swimming in a negative environment and make our web more dark and wriggled.
Anyone who blindly accepts these prevalent, negative thoughts will have his or her life path dictated by the web. But those who recognize that it is our collective thoughts and beliefs that power the

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