Page 213 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 213

the spontaneous destruction of our world by our unfortunate habit of thinking negative thoughts. However this does not permit any one to breed scorpions and snakes of thoughts. We should invariably and if possible incessantly think in such a way that some good happens due to our thoughts. That is we need to breed pure, pious and divine thoughts always.
Cleaning or purifying ourselves of negative energies through daily meditation and purificatory sessions can provide a direct link to the "ultimate reality," i.e., the pure consciousness residing within each of us. As our negative beliefs are purified through regular contact with the "light" of our divine nature, unhealthy emotions, such as fear, hate and anger, will naturally begin to diminish, and we will be free to transcend to higher states of consciousness. We will have the descending grace of the Master more and more such that our true self start vibrating in the higher planes of consciousness, while simultaneously and automatically attracting others of similar vibration. Our world will become more synchronistic with the divine. We will naturally repel angry, fearful people, and those who stick around will become calmer and more centered. We will radiate love. By simply being in consciousness

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