Page 214 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 214

governed by purity, we will have a greater effect on the world than the most gifted orators and political leaders.
The higher and purer the consciousness in which we live and our energies vibrate the quicker and sooner our thoughts will manifest. This is the basis of Pranahuti. Pranahuti offered with purity of intention and ‘Will’ enables the recipient to move out of darker spheres of consciousness in which he happens to be. It is to be noted that when we align with our innermost self, which is simple purity, we get aligned more closely with the Master. At the apex of our individual consciousness, we then get connected with Master. We then have at our disposal the entire universe to help us manifest the highest good for all. That is what we call living in Brahmand mandal.
The purity of intention and ‘Will’ has a direct bearing on our capacity to distinguish between our thought and the thought of the inner self or conscience. It is a well known fact that the ability to think is a God-given gift to the human beings. During our meditations in the beginning and as we progress later in-day-to-day life we learn to tap the inner core of our being or Master and also learn to interpret the intuitions that arise. However the tricky part of this

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