Page 217 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 217

peace promoting, trusting, tolerant, merciful, forgiving and grateful. Every day because of our meditational practices and purification procedures we tend to be purer and nearer to the Master and are capable of living according to his directions. When spiritual perfection happens in a person, he cannot think or do anything without the explicit sanction of the Master. Our Master has lived such a life as we all know.
The extent of purification we have been able to achieve can be easily measured by the serious aspirant. Every moment of every day, we make a choice to listen to either our ego or our Master. The more we identify with our Master, the greater our spiritual power and the faster things manifest and we experience greater synchronicities. Ultimately, we merge with our higher self or Master. But it is not all that simple. The game of life is rigged to give our ego the edge. It demands clarity of purpose and total dedication to the Master to change the default setting and listen to the Master within. It is obvious that the best time to be oriented to the subtle and clear voice of the Master is during meditation when our external senses are shut down. I have never considered making an important decision without meditating. It is not wisdom to go

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