Page 219 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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Real Craving
This is the second seminar on the message given by Rev. Babuji at Bangalore delivered in December 1964. The first one had the topic “We should attempt the finite for the infinite”. Rev. Babuji we know endeavours to cover all important and fundamental truths in his messages. In this message he, while discussing the nature of real craving talks about constant restlessness to gain the real goal. He is actually dealing with the subject of the importance of finding out what really motivates us. Simply put, motivation is that driving force which allows us to achieve our goals and go after what we want in life. It is obvious things or objectives can be achieved or accomplished if we are properly motivated. As long as we have a strong personal motivation, we can achieve almost anything that we want in life. However we should remember that there are no short-cuts to achieve our goals. It is true that the Natural Path is not a short cut and in fact it is a long and winding road to achieve our goal: only the helping hand of the Master is there with us always.
Master talks of real craving and the point for us to consider is how can we develop such a craving

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