Page 248 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 248

What a mischievous way of bringing in the Master into the picture? I felt a bit dazed and much more puzzled when I read the letter of the aspirant. And this during the morning meditation? The importance of the timing to offer our prayer stated by the Master must be remembered and its implication well appreciated. He stated that ‘ Performing of Sandhya before sunrise is stressed upon for the reason that the external heat and other influences, which have been driven out of the body, may not creep in again by the effect of the sun which would prevent our deriving the best advantage of the time.’ (Reference: BWS 125)
For sure we are all serious that we should get enlightened and we are doing our sadhana and with the help of Pranahuti are progressing in the path. But it is necessary that though the goal of our life is most desirable thing to be achieved there is a catch. While we want enlightenment, we should realise that our wanting mechanism is still active and thoughts relating to the wants and desires will persist during meditation. We need to understand our thoughts are all governed by the wants and desires. At some point in our practice of meditation we may clearly realise that wanting is a barrier to further progress. Only when we can perceive this

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