Page 249 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 249

very clearly should we try to step back from the wanting mechanism, otherwise we will suppress desires and lead a false life. Stepping back from the wanting mechanism is a form of intense self- observation and not suppression. The repeated influx of Pranahuti which grants us comfort in deep silence and safe and smooth passage into Void also concomitantly and certainly ensures the reduction of wants. We find comfort and safety in the Void, its certainty and indestructibility is all through palpable. It is something we should wait for in patience and perseverance. We are left with our only option and that is to pray to the Master. The fulcrum of the balance which we seek is the Master Himself and this is one of the primary realizations we have in the Path.
I encourage myself and implore you all ‘to pray so that we pray and continue to pray so that prayer may continue.’ What else is the goal of human life and its perfection?

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