Page 253 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 253

which fire together and wire together." Psychologists aver that repetition etches these patterns more deeply into our brain. In order to replace a bad habit with a good one, we need to break the association with our emotions and the chemicals we have grown accustomed to, and rewire our brain. This requires concentration and will. Obviously our will which has been made weak due to our educational and ethical systems requires support from a genuine person who is prepared to rewire our connections. This is what is being done through the process of Pranahuti. Pranahuti without our willingness to recognise our faults and fallacies and readiness to change into a more productive and integral being would be of no use under normal conditions.
If we are unaware or unwilling to acknowledge our non productive habits, we will have a hard time replacing it. If we are not convinced a particular habit is bad for us, we will have no incentive to change or transform. But, if we are aware of our unwanted habits and undesirable attitudes and are willing to devote our attention to it, then change is possible and more so through Pranahuti quickly. Deeply focused concentration, such as during our meditation increases the potency of our thoughts and more deeply affects our brain's

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