Page 49 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 49

onto a place more than the required time? more than the just time? you will not be asked to stay. You can fool yourself thinking that you can have an eternal existence. Be prepared for the day when you should say good-bye. It gives us momentary happiness saying that you are on the path and still we are not determined. We are not determined to leave the filth, the dirt, and the negative forces. Why? Why does it happen?
“While meditating, if you secure even a temporary lull, that means you have gone a step further on the path”. This I would request all the brothers and sisters here to kindly remember that the Master’s company is there and is assuring you that we are on the path because this temporary lull is something that is a matter of common experience. Is it very peculiar to our system? My answer is Yes. I have read literature where they said “Can you not grant me at least a moment of silence, peace? Can I not have that vision even for a second?” There are people who have sung “I had that vision for a fraction of a second or for one minute that is enough for me for my entire life to carry on”. Have they not said it? Granted, that is also not very acceptable to you. Have you not heard the song of Annamacharya who says “Ippuditu Kalaganti” he

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