Page 68 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 68

see the circumstances in life as something that is not good. ‘I need not have been done this dishonor, I need not have been shown this disrespect, and I ought not to have received this punishment’. These are words which have no faith in God. A person who has got a faith in God cannot say these things. If you are devout you cannot say that. That we say it is a fact and a sadhaka has to rethink there. Does he accept the Master as just or is he one who would simply gives some alms to people who beg? That is the notion which everybody seems to accept. ‘He is capable of giving anything to me Sir’. Yes, he is capable of giving anything to you but are you capable of receiving it is the question. In a funny way once I asked Master, in 1961, he said in a wink of an eye I can take a person to realization. I said why not you do that for me. Then he said you can’t take it. I did not understand much of it. I seem to understand something of it now. He may be prepared to give but are we prepared to take? Are we ready to take? Are we capable of holding power? Don’t you think majority of us would like to wield power rather than hold it? Don’t we like to suffer from the ‘I’ consciousness saying that I am capable of doing this, I am capable of doing that?. Is that not ‘I’ consciousness that suffers? Have we not in that
process killed the silence in which we are supposed 56

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